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FactualWEST is a one-of-a-kind, one day conference for mid-career and senior creators, producers and crew working in factual, lifestyle, reality and documentary television. We bring together top showrunners, broadcasters, creators and producers for a day of workshops designed to help you increase your skills, learn practical tips and get useful insights you can use move your career and your projects forward.
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Devon Cooke

The Documentary Sound Guy
I knew I was going to make films in high school, and, after an academic detour for a philosophy degree, in 2008 I co-founded a production company called Storybubble Pictures. From 2008 to 2016, Storybubble produced corporate videos to make money, and the occasional art project in our spare time. In those eight years, I learned everything I needed to know about production techniques, making projects to client spec, budgeting, and delivering on a timeline.

In 2016, I stepped away from Storybubble to produce documentaries. I reinvented myself as The Documentary Sound Guy, which allows me to earn income as a sound guy while putting me in close contact with documentary producers. My current goal is to produce my own documentaries, and to learn the skills that corporate video did not teach me: Raising production funds, and selling films for distribution.

I have been developing my current project, “The Hands that Feed Us” for about a year. The logline: “Half of Canadian farmers require an off-farm job to make ends meet. What does it take to make sustainable farming financially sustainable?” I have completed a proof-of-concept documentary short, and am currently raising funds to produce it as an impact documentary with a large-scale advocacy campaign.

In my professional life, I have produced eight short films: Six documentary shorts, and two dramatic shorts. My films have played at festivals as far away as Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, as well as on the streets of the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Dance is a big theme in my personal films. My recent work includes “The Secret Lives of Dancers: Sara Nussle”, a young dancer’s growth into a teacher, “Talking with Dancers”, about a Vancouver ballet group, and “Mr.Moo, a musician who composes for dancers. Other subjects that I hope to address on film include agriculture, copyright, and media literacy.